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Dress Up!

Hello friends!

Dress up-01.png

We will be getting together at the Goodwill in Ballard on Saturday the 25th of May to play dress up.

The purpose of this adventure will be to find new clothes and styles that give you pleasure, that you might not have found on your own.

This event will precede a fashion show that we will be putting on later this summer. Feel free to use this group shopping time to look for clothes that fit your most glamorous or scrubby self. Whatever makes you feel good.

Trying on clothes can be a very daunting task for some people. With that in mind, we ask that everyone keep negative comments about their body or anyone else’s to themselves. This is a time for radical positivity. That doesn’t mean that you have to say every piece of clothing you try on looks great, just that you should take it off and keep trying rather than getting bogged down by something you already don’t like.

Please contact us with any questions!



We invite you to read our beliefs page before coming to get a general idea of how we operate.

We also have some more event specific guidelines that aren’t covered there:

  • Be mindful of the people around you and the fact that we are all triggered by different things. This doesn’t mean you should tiptoe around sensitive topics but does mean that you should walk into those topics with intention and care.

  • We are looking to create an environment that is loving and supportive for all people. That said, we do not tolerate violent and oppressive words or actions.

  • We ask that you keep your phone on silent for the duration of the event.

  • Please come well fed. Perhaps bring a bar or banana or some other easy to carry snack that starts with the letter “b”. ;)

  • Please bring water. Nothing works well when you are thirsty. :)

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