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Pleasure Walk: Noticing

Hello, friends!

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We will be getting together on Thursday 5/2/19 at 6:00 pm to go for a walk in the woods.

We will begin and end our walk at the Mukilteo Community Garden. Cameron will guide you through the woods, so there is no need to have knowledge of the area. Please RSVP so that Cameron knows to wait for you before beginning the adventure.

This walk will center pleasure and there will be many different opportunities to explore what "sacred" means in a secular context. We will go through a couple different intentional practices in order to notice what brings us pleasure.

We ask that people come with their own physical safety in mind, and remember that no one is responsible for their physical safety but themselves. Please read our liability waiver.

Please contact us with questions.


  • This event will take place mostly in Japanese Gulch in Mukilteo Washington.

  • 3(ish) mile round trip, 150 ft. elevation gain

  • It is a hike on fairly well-maintained trails.

  • There will most likely not be a lot of mud as it is not super wet in there at the moment, but you should wear shoes that can get dirty (preferably ones that are waterproof).

  • This event will happen rain or shine, so you should wear enough clothes to stay comfortably warm and dry. Definitely bring a jacket.

  • Please bring water.


If you are in Seattle and busing, the journey is usually a little more than an hour long. You will get onto the 512 heading north and ride the bus until the Lynnwood Transit Center. You will the get on the 113 North and stay on that bus until reaching 76th st sw in Mukilteo. At that point, walk up the hill on 76th until you reach the end and turn left. You have arrived at the Community Garden!


There is ample parking at the Mukilteo Community Garden.


We invite you to read our beliefs page before coming to get a general idea of how we operate.

We also have some more event specific guidelines that aren’t covered there:

  • Be mindful of the people around you and the fact that we are all triggered by different things. This doesn’t mean you should tiptoe around sensitive topics but does mean that you should walk into those topics with intention and care.

  • We are looking to create an environment that is loving and supportive for all people. That said, we do not tolerate violent and oppressive words or actions.

  • We ask that you keep your phone on silent and put away for the duration of the event.

  • We ask that you show up on time and stay for the duration of the walk, as coming and going will disrupt the container we are attempting to create.

  • Please don’t bring dogs. They might not go well with some of the activities.

  • Please come well fed. Perhaps bring a bar or banana or some other easy to carry snack that starts with the letter “b”. ;)

  • Once again, please bring water. Nothing works well (especially not walking) when you are thirsty. :)

  • Please read and acknowledge our liability waiver.

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