Paradise 2040

paradise 2040

Paradise 2040

By many accounts, the next twenty years will be some of the most important in human history. 2040 is heralded by climate prophets as the no turning back point for climate change, by tech wizards as the exploding point for AI and quantum computing, and a generation raised on smartphone apps and the internet will come of age. The path our society is on in the year 2040 might be a pretty good predictor of where we will be in the year 2100. 

Our vision at Real Hedonism is to create paradise on Earth. We want to be well on our way by the year 2040. We have ideas about how to do this, but we need to get as many voices and ideas to the table as possible. The big question is:

What does paradise on Earth in the year 2040 look like to you?

We will be using the information that you give us to make a public list of wishes. Whatever you put in the name field will be attached to your comments. We will be adding people’s responses lower on this page as they come in, so come back in the future to see what other people think.

Welcome to the paradise brainstorm.

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